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01:02pm 07/03/2011
  i've been toying with the idea of quitting my job and going about the US for about a month. i think if i actually have an excuse to do it, it might help to motivate me more to finally call it a day and not to only talk about doing so. one of my favorite bands of the last 5 years or so, The Measure (SA), decided to call it a day. they'll play Fest, but they're playing in New Jersey and as a lover of punk/underground music and the possibility to see a show in New Brunswick (basement?) is a bit of a dream come true. maybe i'm exaggerating. ha. i'd love to make my way out to Portland. it seems like such a cliche but everyone i know who has visited or lived there loves it and can't say enough positive things. maybe see the goonies beach or catch a mean jeans show. make my way down the coast and visit all my california friends in san fran, venice, and san diego. go out to vegas for punk rock bowling. see the descendents! make my way across the desert, survive the expanse of west texas and go to Chaos in Tejas. crash with The Anchor. have some Texas adventures. come back to florida and visit home. right now it's just words on a screen, but at the least, it's the formulation of dreams and plans to come.

in a way i feel selfish. but i've always truly believed, everyone needs to be selfish, at least to a certain degree. other than making sure my bills and mortgage are paid for the given time, i don't really have any responsibilities...

i started to jam with Ben, a friend of mine who lives in Madison. He plays guitar and sings in a band called the Transgressions. i've always wanted to be in a band and he was stuck in florida for a couple months, so it was a near perfect scenario. me on guitar, him on drums, our friend chase on bass. we have one song and fragments of a few more. i knew he'd move back to wisconsin eventually, but a week ago the sudden decision was made to return. no hard feelings, just like to keep this momentum going.

while at a bar, talking to a friend, i shared the realization that every girl i've ever loved or dated or whatever you'd like to call it, have kids. i don't wanna be crass and say that i dodged a bullet or anything, but i'm glad it didn't happen with me.

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summer summarized   
12:28pm 02/09/2010
  it's kind of surprising that i haven't written on here since march...or not. i guess i blame the constant parade of new forms of social networking or just associating this with younger times. or i'm just making up excuses for no reason.

summer's almost over. it wasn't bad...not nearly the bummer 2009 was.

saw some good shows. the hold steady in orlando was a wonderful and surreal time. lots of good ones in gainesville and these parts. put on a few but just getting more burned out on it.

went to key west at the end of july to celebrate mike preparing to get married. i'm actually starting to enjoy going back down there now. ha!

we have a new regime at my work. new owner. new GM. can't believe i've worked here for three years. i can never picture how people can work at the same job for 10, 15, 20+ years. we have two new drivers who are awful and can't carry their share. the owner's never owned a restaurant before. the GM is an ok cook, but his performance in everything else he's responsible for is definitely sub-par. When i return from Mike's wedding i really need to ask for a raise. i've never had one since i started working here. this is a bit of a conflict as i will be out of town at the end of october for Fest...

i just want a living that allows me to live...

i wish me and my friends will nightswim and drink wine at least once this summer. it seems a crime not to.

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HOH Fested out   
06:00pm 15/03/2010

- Ian from Cheap Girls playing 'lowrider' on a melodica all saturday night
- getting to camp with the O Pioneers!!!/Kiss of Death crew
- Kyle turkey time travelling
- Tim from 10-4 Eleanor playing acoustic covers
- ending HOH w/ Grabass Charlestons
- This Bike is a Pipebomb thanking all the bands for opening for them ("I never thought Billy Bragg would ever open for us!")
- shortcutting through the band campground to catch bands on Stage 1 and 2 and getting back to Stages 3 and 4 without missing much.
- Veggie Quesadilla at Solar Cafe
- bands: New Bruises, Spanish Gamble, O Pioneers!!!, Dear Landlord, Good Luck, Ninja Gun, Lemuria, The Riot Before, forgetters, TBIAPB, corey brannon/jon snodgrass, others i'm blanking on right now.
- Dave Decker and Jason Rockhill hugging it out
- Jason Rockhill actually smiling
- seeing a lot of good friends
- box wine
- energy drink fuel
- Dan Sapp banned from HOH Fest
- the possibility of a O Pioneers!!!/Anvil split haha
- Party Element


- the dude with the white bandana who was obsessed with bringing down the barricade at stage 3 all weekend
- security during Dear Landlord
- beer pong and the 311 discography giving me flashbacks of college.
- Kyle turkey time travelling
- hearing the Measure (SA) while taking a poo.
- driving straight back to St. Pete sunday night
- Dan Sapp not knowing he was banned from HOH Fest until he was already there
- the Gator plate at that one place
- the crowd during Billy Bragg (if you're gonna make fun of his accent and talking politics, you should've just gone to Senses Fail)
- finding out Billy Bragg joined Anti-Flag on some Clash covers after it happened.

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06:33pm 22/02/2010

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06:30pm 22/02/2010

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03:51pm 19/02/2010

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Hey Nostradamus!   
03:06pm 16/02/2010
  "Lists only spell out the things that can be taken away from us by moths and rust and thieves. If something is valuable, don't put it in a list. Don't even say the words." -Coupland.  

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09:50am 15/02/2010

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Feb. 6th   
03:45pm 31/01/2010

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how i became a lead weight   
11:42pm 25/01/2010
  i got this strange feeling, i'm gonna be spending most of 2010 righting the sinking ship that was 2009.  

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Bullshit and pulled punches is so 2009   
03:43pm 15/01/2010
  if there's anything 2009 taught me or reaffirmed for me, is that i need to improve myself physically and mentally, put myself before others more, and reassess my current situation and surroundings.

bullshit and pulled punches is so 2009.

i finally got my money from the first time homeowners tax credit back in January of '09. we have heat in the house for the first time and i no longer have to sleep in layer upon layer of clothes, sleeping bag, and blanket.

i've told my dad that if 2010 continues to be like 2009 was, i'm done with this house and living with him. i don't know what i'll have to do or will end up doing if it comes to that, but part of me hopes it happens while most of me hopes it doesn't come to this.

i awoke today to him banging on the wall with a hammer and sawing down parts of a wall. at 8:30 in the morning. it's 2009 all over again.

i'm glad to be doing more shows and more art. i have a couple awesome opportunities coming up that i'm really looking forward to...

i feel like i'm starting to make stronger bonds and connections with friends new and old here in st. pete while other long term friendships are not as fortunate.

once the year starts feeling like Spring, i think i'm gonna look into joining a gym. and set some of my tax credit money aside for a good bike.

i need to find a doctor to finally get some of these aches and pains checked out and resolved. i still don't think i can afford health insurance unless i find a job that offers it.

i guess at the heart of this whole entry, is that 2010 feels and has to be better than 2009.

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Jan. 5th   
11:54pm 04/01/2010

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Jan. 1st   
04:46pm 01/01/2010

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07:48am 27/12/2009
  if i'm 26 and my presents still say they're from Santa, i'm opening them whenever i want.  

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mildly surprised   
12:47am 10/12/2009
  as facebook seemingly passed myspace as the go to social networking sight, and twitter and tumblr are duking it out, and sites like MOC and Friendster are in they're cyber graves, it brings amusement and a bit of contentment to see that this site is still used relatively often.  

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04:37pm 17/11/2009
  my life feels like i'm stuck in a traffic jam. i should and could be moving forward, but something is holding things up.  

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another sweat house dream   
02:16am 17/11/2009
  last night i dreamt that there was a baby zebra dying, floating down a river. but it was in the amazon and not Africa. then it made it onto shore and me, or i guess who i was in the dream, a feral child befriended it and tried to protect it from its hunters. so i hid it under a log and climbed a large tree. found a black jaguar and spooked it. the hunters thought it was me and shot at it and they fought. then i woke up, because my dad kept coming in the room to use the computer.  

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Autumn requests   
02:12am 17/11/2009
  i think i'd like wine, bonfires, good friends, crucial jams, and a gal.

but i'll settle for finding my lost hoodie.

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Thursday Nov. 5th!!!   
03:27pm 04/11/2009

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Upcoming crap.   
03:20pm 23/10/2009


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