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i've been toying with the idea of quitting my job and going about the US for about a month. i think if i actually have an excuse to do it, it might help to motivate me more to finally call it a day and not to only talk about doing so. one of my favorite bands of the last 5 years or so, The Measure (SA), decided to call it a day. they'll play Fest, but they're playing in New Jersey and as a lover of punk/underground music and the possibility to see a show in New Brunswick (basement?) is a bit of a dream come true. maybe i'm exaggerating. ha. i'd love to make my way out to Portland. it seems like such a cliche but everyone i know who has visited or lived there loves it and can't say enough positive things. maybe see the goonies beach or catch a mean jeans show. make my way down the coast and visit all my california friends in san fran, venice, and san diego. go out to vegas for punk rock bowling. see the descendents! make my way across the desert, survive the expanse of west texas and go to Chaos in Tejas. crash with The Anchor. have some Texas adventures. come back to florida and visit home. right now it's just words on a screen, but at the least, it's the formulation of dreams and plans to come.

in a way i feel selfish. but i've always truly believed, everyone needs to be selfish, at least to a certain degree. other than making sure my bills and mortgage are paid for the given time, i don't really have any responsibilities...

i started to jam with Ben, a friend of mine who lives in Madison. He plays guitar and sings in a band called the Transgressions. i've always wanted to be in a band and he was stuck in florida for a couple months, so it was a near perfect scenario. me on guitar, him on drums, our friend chase on bass. we have one song and fragments of a few more. i knew he'd move back to wisconsin eventually, but a week ago the sudden decision was made to return. no hard feelings, just like to keep this momentum going.

while at a bar, talking to a friend, i shared the realization that every girl i've ever loved or dated or whatever you'd like to call it, have kids. i don't wanna be crass and say that i dodged a bullet or anything, but i'm glad it didn't happen with me.
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