Chewy Almighty (pzykomunky) wrote,
Chewy Almighty

summer summarized

it's kind of surprising that i haven't written on here since march...or not. i guess i blame the constant parade of new forms of social networking or just associating this with younger times. or i'm just making up excuses for no reason.

summer's almost over. it wasn't bad...not nearly the bummer 2009 was.

saw some good shows. the hold steady in orlando was a wonderful and surreal time. lots of good ones in gainesville and these parts. put on a few but just getting more burned out on it.

went to key west at the end of july to celebrate mike preparing to get married. i'm actually starting to enjoy going back down there now. ha!

we have a new regime at my work. new owner. new GM. can't believe i've worked here for three years. i can never picture how people can work at the same job for 10, 15, 20+ years. we have two new drivers who are awful and can't carry their share. the owner's never owned a restaurant before. the GM is an ok cook, but his performance in everything else he's responsible for is definitely sub-par. When i return from Mike's wedding i really need to ask for a raise. i've never had one since i started working here. this is a bit of a conflict as i will be out of town at the end of october for Fest...

i just want a living that allows me to live...

i wish me and my friends will nightswim and drink wine at least once this summer. it seems a crime not to.
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