Chewy Almighty (pzykomunky) wrote,
Chewy Almighty

HOH Fested out


- Ian from Cheap Girls playing 'lowrider' on a melodica all saturday night
- getting to camp with the O Pioneers!!!/Kiss of Death crew
- Kyle turkey time travelling
- Tim from 10-4 Eleanor playing acoustic covers
- ending HOH w/ Grabass Charlestons
- This Bike is a Pipebomb thanking all the bands for opening for them ("I never thought Billy Bragg would ever open for us!")
- shortcutting through the band campground to catch bands on Stage 1 and 2 and getting back to Stages 3 and 4 without missing much.
- Veggie Quesadilla at Solar Cafe
- bands: New Bruises, Spanish Gamble, O Pioneers!!!, Dear Landlord, Good Luck, Ninja Gun, Lemuria, The Riot Before, forgetters, TBIAPB, corey brannon/jon snodgrass, others i'm blanking on right now.
- Dave Decker and Jason Rockhill hugging it out
- Jason Rockhill actually smiling
- seeing a lot of good friends
- box wine
- energy drink fuel
- Dan Sapp banned from HOH Fest
- the possibility of a O Pioneers!!!/Anvil split haha
- Party Element


- the dude with the white bandana who was obsessed with bringing down the barricade at stage 3 all weekend
- security during Dear Landlord
- beer pong and the 311 discography giving me flashbacks of college.
- Kyle turkey time travelling
- hearing the Measure (SA) while taking a poo.
- driving straight back to St. Pete sunday night
- Dan Sapp not knowing he was banned from HOH Fest until he was already there
- the Gator plate at that one place
- the crowd during Billy Bragg (if you're gonna make fun of his accent and talking politics, you should've just gone to Senses Fail)
- finding out Billy Bragg joined Anti-Flag on some Clash covers after it happened.
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