Chewy Almighty (pzykomunky) wrote,
Chewy Almighty

Bullshit and pulled punches is so 2009

if there's anything 2009 taught me or reaffirmed for me, is that i need to improve myself physically and mentally, put myself before others more, and reassess my current situation and surroundings.

bullshit and pulled punches is so 2009.

i finally got my money from the first time homeowners tax credit back in January of '09. we have heat in the house for the first time and i no longer have to sleep in layer upon layer of clothes, sleeping bag, and blanket.

i've told my dad that if 2010 continues to be like 2009 was, i'm done with this house and living with him. i don't know what i'll have to do or will end up doing if it comes to that, but part of me hopes it happens while most of me hopes it doesn't come to this.

i awoke today to him banging on the wall with a hammer and sawing down parts of a wall. at 8:30 in the morning. it's 2009 all over again.

i'm glad to be doing more shows and more art. i have a couple awesome opportunities coming up that i'm really looking forward to...

i feel like i'm starting to make stronger bonds and connections with friends new and old here in st. pete while other long term friendships are not as fortunate.

once the year starts feeling like Spring, i think i'm gonna look into joining a gym. and set some of my tax credit money aside for a good bike.

i need to find a doctor to finally get some of these aches and pains checked out and resolved. i still don't think i can afford health insurance unless i find a job that offers it.

i guess at the heart of this whole entry, is that 2010 feels and has to be better than 2009.
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